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Everything you need to know about heated jackets

Everything you need to know about heated jackets

Whether you are an avid outdoor enthusiast or simply someone who likes to stay warm in winter, heated jackets are one of the essential accessories to have in your wardrobe!

We'll walk you through everything you need to know about heated jackets, from their benefits, to the different types available, to tips for buying the right jacket at the right price.

Why wear a heated jacket?

One of its obvious benefits is its ability to keep you warm in any temperature .

This makes them perfect for outdoor activities like skiing, biking and camping. The material used in these jackets is also often lightweight and breathable, so they aren't bulky and don't restrict your movement.

Plus, they're powered by long-lasting low-voltage batteries , to keep you warm for hours.

Stay warm in any temperature!

The heat released keeps you at the right temperature, even when the temperatures drop too low for traditional coats.

All traditional heated clothing is not enough when temperatures drop too low. Heated jackets are, in our opinion, perfect for anyone who wants to stay warm, whatever the temperature!

The different types of heated jackets

If you're considering buying a heated jacket, you have a staggering array of styles and materials to choose from.

  • Do you want to opt for a classic heated coat style or for the ultra-heat of the down of a heated down jacket ?
  • Should you choose a down jacket with or without sleeves?
  • Rather an adult, child, man, woman, unisex jacket?
  • And what about a heated jacket with or without a hood - important considerations when the weather turns cold!
  • Finally, the number of heating zones will be important both in terms of comfort and cost.

1) Heated coats and down jackets

They are the two main types of heated jackets, both of which provide excellent heat source and winter protection. Down jackets are usually insulated with a synthetic or natural material like goose down and provide superior insulation against wind, rain and snow. They come in several styles - including parkas, anoraks and bombers - that offer varying temperature levels.

Heated jackets are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes up to 7XL, making them perfect for a wide variety of builds.

2) Heated sleeveless down jackets

Opinions are unanimous: they are the ideal complement to your winter wardrobe. They offer all the warmth and feel of a traditional down jacket without the bulk, making them ideal for layering or wearing on their own . The latest models feature up to 17 heating zones, so you can stay warm on even the coldest days. And with sizes up to 8XL, you're spoiled for choice and usually at a low price. (from 49€ without battery)

3) Men's and Women's heated vests

They're not just for those who prefer the convenience of heated clothing. They're also great for those who need them most, like athletes and outdoor workers. By using a heated vest in addition to thicker jackets, you can stay warm without having to wear bulky clothes.

Thanks to them, you can obtain an optimal heat source without compromising on style and comfort. So do not hesitate to invest in a heated vest: it could well save your life this winter.

How does a heated jacket work?

Heated jackets are designed to provide comfort and warmth in freezing weather. There are men's, women's and unisex models. They work thanks to a 5V battery, low voltage, connected by a USB cable located in a dedicated pocket.

In our opinion, and that of users, a 10,000 mAh battery is the bare minimum to be able to take full advantage of your heated clothes. This represents a good weight/autonomy ratio .

With such a type of battery, you can enjoy heating for up to 8 hours!

Does heated clothing pose any risk?

Furthermore, it is important to specify that thanks to the low voltage of the batteries, there is no risk of burns, electrocution or even irradiation with heated jackets.

When docked, the Garment generates a gentle feel to your body from the arms and shoulders, lasting up to 8 hours, depending on the battery setting.

With heated jackets, you no longer have to worry about bundle up for cold winter days; they are a practical and comfortable way to stay warm!

Tips for buying the right heated jacket

Weather conditions

In our opinion, when buying this type of clothing, it is important to take into account your activity level and local weather conditions, which will determine the type of jacket that will suit you best.

Quality of finishes

You must also take into account the quality of the fabric used for the manufacture as well as the number of heating zones of the down jacket (some have only two, others go up to 20).

The lining is also important.

A good heated suit liner is made of a metallic effect fabric which reflects the heat, keeping it inside the jacket.

Battery life

Also, consider battery life: some only last three hours, while others can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Pay attention to the size

So that you can find a jacket that comfortably fits your size, without being too tight or too loose, take a look at the size guide. It's unfortunate, but most heated clothing is made in Asia, and the size labels match their standards.

This is why we offer European sizing equivalences on thermo-life.com.

Our tips for choosing the right size down jacket

A basic rule that applies to most models and that the opinions of our customers will confirm: always choose 2 sizes above the one you usually wear.

For example, if you wear a size L, order a 2XL, so you can rest easy.

Customers' opinion

Don't forget to read the reviews of other customers before making your purchase, so you know if they liked their purchase or not!

Ultimately, all opinions agree that the type of heated jacket that is right for you depends on what you intend to use it for and the weather conditions, so take the time to think about it and make sure it meets your needs.

Why do you think you should invest in a heated jacket?

Comfort and safety

Heated jackets, based on reviews from our male and female customers, are a great way for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors during the cold weather months to stay warm and comfortable without risking getting burned or electrocuted with traditional outerwear materials such as wool or fur coats.

A wide choice of models and colors

With so many different designs available there is something for everyone to suit their needs and style.

Clothing adapted to your activity

Additionally, by considering things like activity level and local weather conditions before making your purchase, as well as reading online customer reviews beforehand, you can be sure to get the heated jacket. perfect for your needs!

Moral : Investing in a quality heated jacket is worth every penny!

Enjoy winter without being cold! With an ergonomic heated jacket made of lightweight, breathable materials, you'll stay comfortable in all seasons.

Perfect for winter

Look no further for an innovative way to stay warm in winter! In our opinion, these jackets are a great option as they strike the perfect balance between lightweight breathability and plenty of insulation, so you don't have to compromise comfort for warmth.

But also for mid-season

Although they are ideal for cold weather, their fashion-forward design and unique fabrics allow them to be worn during the warmer months. Whether it's for a ski trip or a simple night walk, heated jackets can help keep your body insulated from the elements without weighing you down.

Control everything with just one finger

Strategically placed temperature control knobs make it easy to adjust the thermostat control system while providing essential mobility when on the go. So you can take full advantage of winter while reducing clutter and enjoying worry-free comfort!

Heated jackets offer a safe way to stay warm in cooler climates without the risk of burns or electrocution!

They have become increasingly popular in many colder climates because they provide warmth without the risk of burning or electrocution. Despite being relatively reasonably priced in our opinion, heated jackets can be incredibly effective at keeping you warm and comfortable in even the coldest temperatures.

A technology that has evolved a lot in recent years

The latest versions include laser adjustable temperatures and up to 20 zones heated by carbon fiber or tungsten plates, which keep you warm and safe even in extreme weather conditions. If you're looking for a reliable way to stay warm this winter, a heated jacket is a great investment!

What activities are heated jackets best suited for?

They are perfect for people who engage in outdoor activities such as camping , hiking , horseback riding , fishing and hunting . They are also very useful when working outdoors in cold conditions, such as in construction or warehousing, which requires a lot of movement.

The heated jacket provides warmth and comfort while allowing you to move freely around the jobsite.

They are also perfect for motorcyclists or scooter riders who want to stay warm during their commute or a long ride. Finally, heated jackets are perfect for all winter sports, from skiing and snowboarding to ice hockey and curling , as they keep you warm while allowing you to move freely. Whatever your activity, they can keep you comfortable and safe in the winter.

Heated jacket for motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle in winter can be an extreme challenge, even for experienced riders. To make your journeys more comfortable, a heated jacket is absolutely essential.

Reinforced security

The heated biker jackets are designed for optimal protection on the road and feature reinforced fabric in the arms and chest, as well as resistant elements in the neck and wrists to keep you warm during as you ride. Warming up quickly with the click of a button, these heated jackets provide instant insulation while keeping your body and muscles at optimum temperature so you can enjoy your passion all year round.

Professional heated jacket

sturdy clothes

Professional heated jackets are essential for working outdoors and in even cold storage, where sometimes the temperatures can be dangerous. Their robust construction offers a nice thermal effect and comfort while ensuring that you can work efficiently even in the coldest conditions.

Most coats are lined with thick layers of polyester on key parts of your body that protect you from the cold, including the shoulders and neck, making them perfect for protecting you from the cold.

A wide choice for Men and Women

With a huge selection of warm coats available, it's important to find one to suit the specific needs of your task. Professional heated jackets offer unbeatable resistance to extreme temperatures and will ensure maximum comfort at work. They have great reviews.

Results ?

A significant drop in absenteeism and a real feeling of well-being at work.

Discover the heated clothing section for professionals here >>

How do I turn on and adjust the temperature of my heated jacket?

It's easy ! All heated jackets have a button on the inside or outside of the jacket that is used to adjust the temperature. It is accompanied by an LED light that serves as an indicator of the heating level : blue for a light temperature, white for a classic temperature and red for a high temperature.

Depending on the temperature you want to achieve, you can adjust the heating level accordingly. To turn it on the top, just press the button and wait for the heating elements to start warming you up. Enjoy the comfort of your heated jacket!

Heated jackets offer an incredible range of temperatures, giving you the freedom to choose the level that suits your uses. Choose between low temperatures (30-40°) for cozy comfort, medium settings (40-50°) when there's a little wind in the air, and high temperature selections up to 60°s it's particularly cold!

How to wash a heated jacket?

Machine wash

Caring for heated jackets can be a bit tricky. Proper care is essential to ensure the jacket retains its peak performance and continues to provide warmth and comfort. In order to keep your heated jacket in good condition, it is best to follow these simple instructions: Machine wash at 30°C maximum.

Do not tumble dry

Dry your down jacket on a hanger, never in the dryer

Do not iron it and also avoid using bleach. Once dry, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

If you follow these simple tips, your coat will last a long time and continue to be used for many winters to come. With proper maintenance, they can be an invaluable asset in combating cold temperatures.

What is the price of a heated jacket?

The average price of a heated jacket, excluding battery, varies between 50 and 150 Eur. Even if some more technical models can be around 500€.

We offer the purchase of batteries as an option because many customers already have one.

The price will of course vary according to the quality of the materials, the cut (with or without sleeve) and especially the number of heating zones, which can range from 2 to 20.

Another element that will determine the price is the connectivity, the wired or wireless temperature control, but also the possibility of precisely heating targeted areas. Indeed some jackets offer control panels with up to 6 buttons!

For the battery it will most of the time be necessary to add about forty euros to the order.

In which store to buy a heated jacket?

We recommend the models available in our Thermo-life.com store, where you will find the largest selection of colors and sizes up to 8XL. We guarantee high quality products, delivery and customer service with reinforced wiring and a 2 year warranty! But you can buy heated jackets just about anywhere on the internet. Just remember to read the reviews before buying.

There are only a few shops in Paris that are starting to sell it, but otherwise you will have to opt for online delivery.


We hope this article has given you the information you need to make the right choice of heated jacket for your needs! Whether you are a man or a woman, investing in a quality heated jacket is worth every penny! Enjoy winter without being cold!

With an ergonomic heated jacket made of lightweight, breathable materials, you'll stay comfortable in all seasons.

In addition you have the choice between a heated jacket, a coat, a heated vest.

Look no further than the Thermo-Life store for an innovative way to protect yourself from the cold. We are the experts in heated clothing and the opinions about us are very positive! Buy now at the best price and stay warm all the time!

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